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"I’m proud to be helping my brother complete his Eagle Scout project today. We are rebuilding some desert trails that were destroyed by recent floods. It is incredibly hot." by me

"Origins" by me

"We found two desert dogs and took them home. Meet Onyx and Strelka" by me

"#KillBill" by me

"Shop dog" by me

"Our calendar in the back of Matt Foley’s van" by me

"New mermaid styles" by me

""Now we got a nice, quiet little beach community here and I aim to keep it nice and quiet." #StayOuttaBolinasLebowski" by me

"Bolinas beach mandala by Bee" by me

"Big sky / big bridge" by me

"Getting ready to leave Portland. Best part of the trip included stumbling across #ReadingFrenzy and this awesome book on symbols by #grimoire and Annie Murphy. Revelatory #travelreading" by me

"Get out the way!" by i_berends

"inside joke" by nomeks

"Whole buncha beach elk" by me

"Woke up in Portland with good coffee and good people and a good dog and a list of to-dos waiting to be made. Thanks @trap_her_keep_her for the package and @meganpuppeteer for the accommodations!" by me